TestBal App for Android

Take your Testing & Balancing or Commissioning reports into the field with your Android device, phone or tablet.

Easy to use app lets you set up sheets and record readings on the fly. Sheets can be customized upon request.


 Test sheets can be customized to match your existing sheets. Contact us.

 Automatic calculations.

 Quick lists for easy entry of commonly recorded information (e.g., type, size, manufacturer, etc).

 Synchronize with web server to edit, print and email reports.

 Customizable sheets on the fly. Add fields to or hide fields on the base test report on an as needed basis.

 Traverse hole calculation for standard, log, or fixed number of holes.

 Additional sheets available. Deficiencies, General Notes, System Diagram, Project Summary, Checklists.


Phone: (201) 377-0364

E-mail: support@sikoradatatech.com